The hottest restaurant workshop of the year. Only at the Restaurant Show during one day, attendees can thoroughly explore more than a dozen different business cases. To find out how this or that restaurant model is working, to find out what is really worthwhile, to trace the process of creating a particular concept, from design to strategies for promoting a finished product, to learn how food is prepared, which brings you money, to try "success" for taste and try on someone else's experience on your own projects.

The Restaurant Show has been going on for five years and from the very beginning the main difference between the #palmfest and other restaurant forums is a clear focus on the study of fresh, potentially successful restaurant ideas that have already become or are about to become a trend. Moreover, the study of each concept takes place both on the gastronomic side and in terms of business and promotion. According to this general line, we create the program of each show. The Russian finalists of the "Palme d'Or" Award of this year share their experience of developing this or that business idea into a ready-made working model with the attendees of the event.

The geography of successful restaurant concepts is impressive. In addition to Moscow or St. Petersburg, the festival hosted on its stage restaurant projects from Kaliningrad and Omsk, Yoshkar-Ola and Novosibirsk, Samara and Yaroslavl, Ryazan and Perm. This year is not an exception - restaurateurs and chefs from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Yalta and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will take part in # palmfest.

Annually the festival gathers more than 500 visitors from all over the country, offering unique content to professionals of the restaurant market: the real experience of building a concrete business - from the idea to the successful functioning of ready projects. More truly, real restaurants of the most different formats working in the most different conditions - local and global, geographical and even geopolitical.

In addition, at # palmafest there is always an open microphone – show attendees can and should ask any, even the most provocative, questions on the case.


The 5th festival of restaurant concepts will be held on April 23 in Moscow in the TRC "Mir" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. In the non-stop mode, the teams of 11 successful restaurant projects of the country – applicants for the "Palm Branch" award of the restaurant business – 2018 will perform before the guests.

Palmafest program:

  • Master classes from the trendy chefs
  • Talk show of successful restaurant models and modern trends in the restaurant industry
  • Tasting products and drinks from the best suppliers
  • The ceremony for the winners of the Palme d'Or Award – 2018
  • Grand Gala Dinner
Exchange of experience, acquaintance with the right people, meetings with old friends and new useful links
April 23, 2018 – V Palme d'Or Show